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Love of Music

I started playing the piano when I was about 6 years old, and often tell people that I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read music! I worked my way up through the grades from 8 – 18 yrs of age, often driving my piano teachers mad with frustration because of my lack of focus! I now know how they feel!

Singing came a little bit later through secondary school, and formal training came in my late teens and early twenties. Although I trained classically I fell into a love of musical theatre, and do more of that than anything else.

Piano Teaching

The piano is a wonderful instrument, but also one of the hardest instruments to learn! So, to succeed on this instrument you will need to give it lots of time & practice. Most people enjoy working through the grades (both children and adult learners) and students tend to do about one grade per year or 18 months depending on progress. There are 8 grades, and grade 1 is the easiest working up to grade 8 as the hardest. For those not wanting to do grades, there are always the student concerts to work towards, which take place a couple of times per year. I try where possible to bring the exam board to my home, so that you can sit your exam in a familiar environment.

Singing Teaching

The voice is a unique and wonderful instrument, but it’s very demanding to learn to sing properly – and students often underestimate what is involved in developing a good vocal technique, and stamina. All singing is based on good breathing control & therefore as well as learning songs, you will need to do a good amount of vocal warm ups and technical practice each day. As with piano there are grades on offer, and many students enjoy taking these up – some doing classical grades and some doing Musical theatre grades.